Tuesday, 2 April 2013

So I havent posted for too long & have stuff to catch you up on. As much as I can give you as I havent always known what has happened each day for few weeks as like I said horrid illness & not seeing the fam hindered all my research. I need newby pics & updates of Evelyns week & will get this tommorow as we are hosting a Avon party & hoping to get lots of orders drummed up to gain some funds. Its a tricky job to have though huh as your always hoping on the people you deliever brochures to to not only order but to leave the book out or be in when they have a delivery* Ha, Kaylea to be honest has been a star with it all though as she lives so close to your route. I broke my phone though & literally have a 90's style model (do you remember when we both had the bt cellnets in the noughties & the text message would scroll slowly across the tiny screen haha. You were pretty much the onbly person I txt & you had to top it up £10 each month haha!! ) so cant recieve picture messages or take photos so bloody annoying. Hence the huge ipad in your face at physio yesterday :) You have been walking lots aided at first & now with just assistance from staff either side of you transfering you from wheelchair to bed & helping you exercise the house. You are in your own room now which is awesome as poor you had a crazy loud lady next to you for a couple nights & she kept you up all night long saying your name & shouting. Kind of cool though as they realised it was only fair to get you a nice room with huge window & door to outside garden/patio area. A gorgeous black cat came & entertained us all at the window yesterday as they go right to the floor he was army crawling & sunbathing (yes the sun did shine yesterday but today it snowed-fuckkkeeed uupppp!!) All the bubbas loved it & Evelyn said to me Molls loves our garden at nannys :) We sat in the garden whilst you ate your salt & pepper tiger bread & houmous but it was stupid really as sun wasnt warm at all & we were all freezing. We went & sat in the dayroom after but you were super knackered out by your session & I had a sleepy toddler gettin cranky so we set off home, missing you as soon as we were out the door. Cant wait to have you home :) 

Today you had a huge family meeting whilst mama had Bets. Your dad came down for it too & I still dont have much info on it but I hear it was to discuss your prospects & the links to gettin you home & happy & were the real work meets the real world. In a positive sense hehe. I saw on fb these pics of you scans from your CT that showed how hugeky swollen your brain was & then after the operation in St Georges. Will update more tomorow once Ive spoken to your mum about everything. I know for sure that you have day visits planned as of this meeting & over night weekend stays to get you used to then evetually coming home, wup wup...and you are tackling stairs tommorow, GO GIRL** super amazing body showing all those Drs there scarey worst case scenarios can do one** You are friggin super woman bubb xxx Love & light

So sorry I havent blogged in a few weeks. Back at work been manic & Jaspey off big boy school & got this horrid horrid illness but hey ho Im back. Had an awesome visit with you yesterday. Me & Jasper were gonna come up on the train again as he so loved the journey last week but was raining on & off & lucky for us Kaylea wanted to come too. We arranged to come up to join you in your physio so I could film it for here but also see with my own eyes your amazing progress. It is truley incredible how far you have come in these weeks following your stroke & my god every post talks of how inspiring you are but I was just so overwhelkmed seeing you walk & transfer from chair to car so well. Thats what you were learning in your session today, car transfers. You walked most of the way only slightly aided by one physio on your good side encouraging you along & actually acting pretty stubborn & saying you can open the doors & making sure nothing was too easy for you. Alli & I were filming it all like the paparazzi we love to be & all the staff were loving how many cheerleaders you had. Its all so positive and lovely in this centre your in. The Donald Wilson House, at the back of Chichester Hospital. All the staff really love u & are so pushing you on every day with new tasks & positive words. Got a lot to cover but will finish off todays visit & cover that all in next post** (again sorry its been so long since last update)
So you walked to the car to transfer in & two physios working with you talked you through what they wanted you to do & how to do it the very best possible & safest way. Its strange as we all take for granted being a ble to lift our legs into a car slumping down into the chair & pulling the door shut. Everything is so much more sharp & analysed now & every ones emotions are on point with everything now to feel & experience anything. 
You done the car transfer two times, no maybe three in the hospital car & then tried Alli's car that is lower (and messier haha sorry Alli but u called it out before we did**) You did amazing again & were desperate to stay sat there & drive to Nando's & to go shopping. I hear you went out with Lorraine & Bets last week shopping in New Look & went courtesy of a big taxi & stayed in your wheelchair. Fun adventure for lil princess no doubt, kids just love new ve-hi-cales huh!! haha...You walked from Alli's car for two mins up a bloody hill aswell* Pretty exhausting since you hadnt been able to have physio for four days over the easter weekend. You had small exercises to do to strengthen your legs & ankles but not actual full physio. You walked in total nearly five minutes on & off & the nurses were so amazed as just last week your legs wanted to cross over with each step but they said your hips were balanced very well & your legs were super strong. They were very impressed with the bend in your left leg & how large your steps had got. In just a week thats huge progress with half that week having no treatments!! I filmed every section of the session & at the end when we coming back to your room were Alli, Kaylea & Evelyn, Jaspey, Grace & Lells were I was filming & all the bubbas had lined up to watch you and were desperate to cheer you on but were told to keep quiet so as not to make you loose focus until you had sat down. They were so bloody excited & happy & seing smoosh's face light up when she saw her super mama walking towards her was just a dream, so magical. Their little innocent hearts just show so much so honestly. Bloody lovely. Love & light boo xxx

ps- Your mum updating her facebook is too cute. "How proud am I ???? Carly all down to you and your determination." her fb status yesterday-super cutee booty**
new videos I took on day visit Tuesday 2nd April, amazing afternoon watching you in your physio session work so super hard** 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I am bummed as havent been able to get to see you in chichester yet. Its my long week at work & still cant bloody drive so all a mission but yaya im seeing you tomoro, was gonna come up on train but Kaylea is off & asked to join us so next week me & boo will do an adventure on the train too as he would love it. i will update more on here when I see you as dont have many details form your first few days in there yet. I know you were hoping to ride something today but turns out it was a bike!! Not a metephor for gigilo but hey ho that can wait! If not i'll sneak you a bullet in haha! Im so excited to see you & I wanna be in one time on watching you in physio, I'll need to get to you early but as coming with Kaylea that prob wont happen tom ;) We had a twinny day today as just needed some uplifting fun energy & we walked from sealane cafe to blue birds cafe, we had so much fun but bloody hell it was freezing & actually took us an hour each way to walk. Jasper & Roxy were bloody shattered hehe. But we fought pirates, played hide n seek in a forest, done sportacus jumps & handstands & basically acted like kids & was so much fun. We will do this route with you & smoosh in the summer for sure. Update more info tom anyhow boo. Love & light

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I keep doing this. Its 12am & I have stuff to say...insomniac :(  So alot has happened again in these few days. Its tuesday 19th, nearly wednesday. Last post was four days ago & you are moving so fast that each day is so very different but its so hard to keep up as Im back at work now after my three weeks holiday!! Saturday you were extremely bored & gettin ansy so Lorraine, Joey & Kaylea arranged for you to be at the cafe for 12pm & if people could just show up then was a free for all so you could not feel so cabin fevered inside the ward. I had an ill bug Jasper sleeping thru terrible teething pain, his right top tooth at the back decided to break thru and come most of the way down within two days!! No fun** So i was stuck in with him as Gary was working but all the fam came over. Sunday was he same set up but for half two which was awesome as I finished work at two & was sad I was gonna miss you again if it was at twelve. Lucky me. So many people turned up. All our fam & Char & Alex with Maiyah & Marielle & Adam with Corey. So lovely. All the kids running around wasnt hectic it was animated & happy** Seeing Bets baby Corey & hold Maiyahs hand was just adorable. She is just so in love with her Jaspey boo to & kept squeezing him & if he talks a sentance clearly to her she almost gets annoyed that hes too grown up just like I do haha** She was so happy to see Gary too bless her they have some special little bond those two!! We had to take it in turns to get the seat next to you & it was totes two second rule on that one!! I managed to get a few moments with you :):) Managed to have a giggle & a kiss. Weve moved back to cheeks now just incase half your visitors feel their okay in lip kisses too, uh uh uh!! You are getting frustrated at having to wear your helmet when your out of bed, it is itchy & hard on your scar & makes you hot. I wish we could come up with a solution but for now this is your world & the frustrations are starting to show now. I worry for this, I worry( we all do) about what happens when you start questioning why you?? There is never going to be a logical answer. But on my lonesome visit with you that I was so casually in luck with we spoke about this. I heard a Dr say that after all the stresses you have had in these few years it seems some what that maybe your brain decided for your physical to reboot, restart & re connect. Pretty harsh way in reality but maybe for you words to hold on to. He was upbeat in his delivery of this hard knock approach!! I dont think its fair, none of us do even people who have supported me, my friends, their mums, their friends, they have all said its unfair. So many people know you Carly. So many people know of your journey & are stopping me to tell me how unbelievably brave & strong you are to deal with this all with your huge smile still on your face. Your beauty still radiating.  I fucking love you & am so in awe of you beaut. You have always had an extra quality about u, never really distinct enough to put a name on. Keep shining bright honey, shine bright like a diamond!!*
Back to my visit with you. Saturday evening I broke away from bath & bed time for boo in the hope you would need company & wanna see a make up free greasy me!! I walked in slowly as you were laid down back to me on your left like you have to be. I was going to simply kiss you whilst you slept but your eyes sprang open & you insisted I stayed as you were so bloody bored so was trying to force sleep to get out of boredom. This breaks my heart that I didnt show up sooner, that I cant stay until late as being a night owl Id just sit & be with you if you slept anyhow & be there if you woke. I got you connected with your wifi again so we could perve on you know who* Hes lush by the way & totally not what I expected, a bloody decent looking guy with no weird beard or piercings! Ha, over that thirty mark and your getting normal on us!!! (jokes*) I just sat with you whilst you typed messages & we googled Donald Wilson house

(okay had to pause & put my hands over my ears, couldnt find the remote & brokeback mountain is on & jut witnessed a very graphic scene "prude")

Back to you. Monday you left Worthing hospital early for Donald Wilson house. Its a neourolgical rehabilitation centre on site of St Richards Hospital in Chichester. (Not too far but a little too far if that makes sense, I miss you!!) Lorraine followed you to settle you in. You are on a ward with a quadraplegic lady who is your age. Ive yet to see your room so will detail all that in another post after Ive seen you, its hard to get info of everyone now we all go at spontaneous times. You will be doing intensive therapy sessions here each day & it has a hydro therapy pool which will be great for you to gain great balance & posture babe. Kaylea came & saw you today. She said the centre is really nice. Lorraine has been down with Evelyn all afternoon & she took you outside & smoosh jumped on the tree trunks & enjoyed her time with mama. So precious. Bloody amazing news today too that Roger has decided he will resume custody as it was before & so all of the stresses of court & fears were for nothing, again just silly games. But this blog is for wise words so enough of him. Will update when i see you about what Donald Wilson house is all about honey. Sleep well angel, Love & light xxx

look at the videos they have surrounded this vid with hahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Last night I was pretty wiped so didnt post. I had watched the video Allison uploaded of you walking and to be honest it was just bloody emotional I got myself exhausted by crying!! Silly huh but the overwhelming pride, love & happiness just combusted out of me** I hear from Lau that you will be showing Evelyn your steps in a bit, how exciting she will be your lil cutie cheerleader. She is at school today & will see you after. I know the girls & ur mum were in this morning as I saw the car in my drive. I still dont have curtains up in my room & keep forgetting to not walk around in my granny pants & vest with my crazy morning hair!! I was prancing around the other morning & just spotted Alli sat in her car gettin her bag ready to come into you, I fell to the floor embarrassed coz she so totally would have seen me if she had looked up, maybe she saw me before I saw her, haha!?!?
Me & Joey came into you last night & Dad, Kaylea, Katy Mapes & Beaks were there too. You looked so radiant & strong & not as tired as you have been. We had a laugh all touching your spongey squidge side of your scalp, its like a water bed, so bloody cool haha. Katy & Joey cringed but did it coz you told them too haha! Joey also licked a peanut butter cracker even though she is disgusted by peanuts & nearly threw up, again she did this as a dare coz you told her too haha! You were on form funny! You were thinking of new nicknames for yourself, the funniest being Sponge bob Strokey!! "Dont u go stroking on me!" (jim Carey voice of course!!) Haha how you come up with this is beyond me, you just have totally embraced that this has happened to you & not showing any anger or negativity which is bloody strength of an army right there. You are so brilliant Rhubarb!! <3 <3
We read through all your cards (all 53 of them!! miss popular) & were giggling away at some memories people included. Carries admission of your thieving at Garrets on your £1.50 an hr wage haha & Charlottes lovely essay including the day we came over & Evelyn wouldnt sleep & you went in to check her & she was picking sock fluff out of her toes & putting it in her minnie mouse bag, I had forgotten this & was hysterical giggling remembering it** You had physio today & walked a short length of the hallway & also backwards again, Dave called that moonwalking :) You did it all with the most gorgeous smile & Alli put it on facebook & you had so many comments of support & love. Your just doing so brilliantly. Jaspers napping just now but Im gonna show him the vid when he wakes. He had his settle morning at his new pre-school today & absolutely loved it. His friend Hayden goes there & they hugged & him & these two other boys all held hands & took Jaspey to go play. So bloody cute* You had the Occupational therapist in to see you today whilst you showered so she could teach you techniques to adapt to help you in every day life. Alli helped & the OT also showed Alli ways to help you use your left arm & hand. Your speech & language therapist came in too & said your improvements are remarkable. She said your vocabulary & intonation are great & an improvemnet on last week (which she said last week was brilliant!!) I was going to pop in with Jaspey today but he is still asleep (pre-school wiped him out!) & I know your nan is in just now & Lorraine is bringing boo in after school so I will come in tomorrow instead. Yesterday I forgot to say you have this new contraption that you put your left arm in when you eat & it mirrors your actions of your right arm & hand & makes your brain remember & register the same actions to prompt your left side again :) very cool little invention!!

Okay few hours later now after I wrote the first bit of this post. Ive found out that this morning you walked forward & back three times the length of the corridor!!! You are bloody brilliant, such an incredible achievement, bloody hell. Superstar!!
Alli sent me some pics of your physio therapy session. She has been in on quite a few of them now & so enjoyed helping you. Laura & Lorraine came to see you walking today also. Proudest family ever** You txt everyone just now also to say you are being moved to Chichester on Monday, much sooner than thought but all your progress & plans have accelarated since the doctors realised how determined & able you are :) Love u darling, night night. Love & light**

note how different your Patient chart is from last pic! Full diet baby**